About Us

Over-All Blessing
We are the women: The mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends and lovers. We embody the wisdom of rich life experience and behold the sacredness of Human Spirit. We cherish the essential nature of all living beings on Mother Earth and we have awakened to the call of self-preservation. We carry the unwavering commitment to leave a peaceful, loving legacy for future generations. Our hearts are called to join together, at this critical time in the history of humanity, with a common mission. The alliance is conceived in love, a deep love of Life.

We are women inviting humanity to be the new Wisdom Culture through the feminine values of whole-systems thinking, community building, and heart-based relationships.

Imagine the Good Foundation
The Heart to Lead film has catalyzed the hearts of Allies worldwide and inspired the creation of the Imagine the Good Foundation, a charitable organization. The Foundation was formed in 2011 as a container for exciting new collaborations. It hosts charitable screenings of the film, supports and connects wisdom circles, and invites partnerships to take action for the greater good.  Our first initiative is the Inward Journey Letter Circle, which connects women residing in prison with women residing in the free world.

Imagine the Good Team

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Sabrina Fraley
Stacy Hairfied
BB Harding
Linda Hogan
Sherry Winkler
Camille LaGrossa
Pamela Mosley
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