Inward Journey Letter Circle

Inward Journey Letter Circle


Our mission is to make visible the connection between women residing in the free world and women residing in prisons, demonstrating that even across prison walls, there is a common bond and shared wisdom being activated now for the greater good.

How This Mission Will Be Accomplished

A replicable template for connecting women across prison walls has been developed for women's prisons in Arkansas. A new and similar initiative has been launched for women in the free world. Imagine the Good Foundation has brought these projects together to develop and expand the Arkansas prison template into a collaborative framework that will encourage its widespread application.

We will match women residing in prisons and women residing in the free world as letter writing partners. Both groups will apply for the program through an application process and will sign an agreement to comply with certain rules and guidelines. Social scientists on our board will track and document the effectiveness of this program on a regular basis. Our future plans include a newsletter written by letter writing participants, a possible collaborative book project, and a documentary film. Imagine The Good Foundation will support these initiatives with a comprehensive social media campaign to create greater public awareness.

Action Circle

This initiative will be led by Camille LaGrossa, the founder of the Beacon Community Project for Women. Camille has facilitated the template programs for nine years in the jails and prisons in Arkansas. Also contributing is Andrea Hylen, founder of Heal My Voice, as well as other board and advisory board members, who have roles in its definition, integration, and implementation.

Why It Is Important

Women in prison invariably have been affected by one or more of the three A's: Abuse, Abandonment, and Addiction. These constitute a major hurdle to developing self-esteem, self-care, and self-actualization. Camille's programs have helped women build these skills plus trust one another and their letter writing partners. Several of the inmates have gone on to reclaim their children, return to school, and give back to their families and communities.

Based on these results we are confident that both the women residing inside and those residing outside prison will discover what joins them: common values, aspirations and yearnings for a world which is loving and supportive, and in which everyone's unique gifts are welcomed. Benefits to the justice system will include decreased recidivism and more order and harmony within the prison community. Clearly, there will be direct economic and cultural benefits for prisons, taxpayers, and citizens at large.

The Context of Imagine the Good Foundation

Beacon Community Project for Women came to the attention of Imagine the Good Foundation because it tangibly demonstrates the "new wisdom culture based on feminine values of whole-systems thinking, community building and heart-based relationship". Women residing in prison are often seen as the ultimate "other". By showing the commonality that deep down everyone wants the same kind of culture, one that embraces us all, and encourages our individual and collective potential, we break through together to a new sense of Oneness, to the new wisdom culture.